Thursday, 6 March 2014

It's Finally Here...

"What Should I be Eating... Really?"

Announcing the New Underground Best-Seller, Explaining in Plain Language the Truth About What We've Been Conditioned to Eat... And What is Actually Best For Us...
Now Available to the General Public for a Limited Time
Important development - Come see what the excitement is about!

We've all been inundated with advice on diet. So many views, so many "experts", so many strange names: Paleo, South Beach, Atkins, and riffs on veganism and vegetarianism.

But it could be so much simpler...

And you could change your lifestyle so easily with a little knowledge and some common sense principles...

What if I told you about a "secret" way of eating:
  • that has been used by the ultra-wealthy and geniuses for generations?
  • with basis in Scripture,
  • verified by the practices and observations of German naturopaths in the late 19th century?
  • which is cheap, abundant and delicious? Even decadent, if you like! Fun!

Discover the newest food revolution... The original, ur-lifestyle of the free and strong. The most virile, no-nonsense approach to living and enjoying the fruits of the earth.

This is information that you won't get anywhere else!

The newest, simplest technique of all! Taking the World by Storm!

One the major food corporations don't want you to know - it would cut their profit margins dramatically!

One the medical and pharmaceutical industries have been keeping quiet or even attacking - because it would render them obsolete?

It speaks of a secret... but one hidden in plain sight. Simple enough for anyone to grasp.

This document has an interesting history. Back in 2009, at the age of 55, I had achieved a level of health higher than anyone I knew, based on many trials and errors, dedication and common sense.

I have for some time rubbed shoulders occasionally with celebrities, who were invariably on one kind of diet or another. What I found is that there are certain practices being handed down certain families, from generation to generation. Knowledge about health, about food and nutrition, and so on. And this stuff was begging to be synthesised and put into one little book.

I finally happened on the right formula, and everybody around me noticed immediately and were always asking questions: "How did you lose that weight? How did you get your skin like that? How come you're so energetic now? How come your eyes have become more blue?" And so on.

So I wrote a short tract, explaining what I was doing, and the principles upon which it was based. This document circulated among friends and family, and then I offered it to various societies and forums for a fee reflecting the time and effort (and sufferings!) I had gone through whilst using myself as a guinea pig for various techniques. The information itself is priceless, in terms of the huge benefits that flow to anyone with this information. Knowledge is power.

And finally I decided that the principles ought to be more widely known. So I offered it through a few small outlets, and its reputation grew... Until it became a kind of underground hit, a cult bestseller.

And now finally, I offer the ebook here, to any who would also improve their lives as I and many others have. The ideas here are still a secret in plain sight, and doubtless in a few years "archofood" or its equivalent will be a household name. But remember you heard it here first...

This diet will explain why Beyonce was so sucessful with her "pepper diet": "I lived on water, cayenne pepper and maple syrup for 14 days. It was tough; everyone was eating and I was dying." In two weeks she reportedly lost 20 pounds. You can do likewise without the suffering...

This will be your first exposure to archonutrition - the real food of the gods. The only diet that is guaranteed to make you lose a ton of weight if required (or putting on weight if underweight!), and turn back the clock, making you more youthful, and cleansing the body of disease.

How would you feel about a diet regime that:

  • allows you to eat as much peaches and cream as you like? Washed down with champagne? how about unlimited chocolate?
  • is simple and clear: no mental arithmetic required, no ambiguity?
  • is truly portable and requires little or no time to prepare?
  • is the most ethical and sustainable diet imaginable - more so even than veganism, and with no pretensions (no more tofu dressed up to look and taste like meat!)?
  • will save you money?
  • has reversed countless chronic and degenerative illnesses, and lengthened lives, all as observed firsthand by the author, and many other authoritative sources for more than a hundred years?
  • celebrates sweetness rather than condemning or shaming it?
  • literally makes you stronger and more beautiful from the inside out?

Sounds good, right? There is a name for this emerging consensus, formed through trial and error, observation and common sense. It is called archonutrition. And it is all explained in the book.

Don't take my word for it, here's some folks who already read the book and tried our ideas:

"I can't believe how easy it was to stick to... and the results were unbelievable! I lost a ton of weight just in the first week, and by the third month I was so much healthier that I could go outside and throw a ball around with the kids. Thanks for the book, Rick." - Jim Brady, Phoenix Arizona

"I shook my head at how simple it was. But I believed it would work to get rid of my persistent skin rashes... And it did, so it was well worth it." Kathy, London England

"Uncommon sense, definitely going to try it out." Tracy J, New York

"This book has gained a bit of a cult following already among people I know... Good stuff that you just don't hear anywhere these days. A bargain however you look at it." Pete N, Melbourne Australia

And because this book will pay for itself, many times over, in finanical terms you know you will save huge amounts of money. And in terms of life and vitality too, which is of course priceless.

Just feeling the vibrancy from this lifestlye it's obvious that the sooner you start, the sooner you will feel the benefits enjoyed by the rich and smart of all ages and eras!

For the big companies and associations I was charging over $10k, but here it's now just $1000. For now!

Remember this is the only place in the world where you can access this book and this knowledge. You won't find it on Amazon or anywhere else, and I do not know for how long the offer will remain here. So get it while you can! And prosper!

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